Paul Gelding – The Great Disruption

The book The Great Disruption is a great, great read. Author Paul Gilding. His One Degree War Plan should be required reading for every thoughtful person on the planet. Click here for more.

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Avid sailor, History graduate, University of Oregon. MBA graduate, Golden Gate University, San Francisco. Course work University of Mexico; London School of Economics; University of North Carolina. Green Beret, US Army 1964-66. Business career: imports & exports including 11 year stint in Asia with Getz Corporation, America's largest trading company. After Getz, Hibbs started United Amusements and grew it to the largest importer/distributor of coin-operated software in North America. From the early 1990's Hibbs passion turned to the extraordinary changes in the e-learning, e-conference arena. Bragging rights? - Imagineer, chief cook and bottle-washer to Global Learn Day, a 24 hour, 24 time zone event that featured exceptional innovation in education & technology, world-wide. Now, an evangelist for an Ocean Blue. Lives in Eugene, Oregon, home of the Ducks & Tracktown USA (former 3 hr 7 min marathoner - ages ago!)
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