“All that is at stake is the future of the human race.”
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John Hibbs writes:


The World is Ocean Blue

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John Valliant’s
captivating book, The Golden Spruce, brilliantly details what happens when an immovable object meets an irresistible force.

The immovable object was the oceans of forests in the Great Northwest — at least as they appeared to all who sighted them circa 1830-1950. On its (immovable) side was the timeless dictate, passed generation-to-generation: Son, if you take care of the mountain, the mountain will take care of you.”
The irresistible force was the enormous wealth to be gained by unlimited timber extraction. On its side was the advent of the chain saw. And a nation with an appetite that was, literally, bigger than the “all-outdoors”.

Easily, the irresistible force won.

There are two heartbreaking elements.

The first, already played out, is that the hero of The Golden Spruce was a world-class tree-cutter who went from prize-winning logger to tireless advocate for wise regulation….. like “talking to a stump“. In pitiful frustration, the logger chopped down The Golden Spruce — the biggest, rarest, oldest tree in the Americas. Instantly he was perceived as villainous as Osama Bin Laden; and hunted down with the same result.

The second is that today the ocean is in more peril than the forest. And the stakes are a lot whole bigger. With the ocean, what’s at stake is the whole human race.

Will the ocean have the same fate as the great forests of the Northwest? It’s a question that will be answered in the next ten years – twenty at the most.

NOW: If you think the stakes as mentioned are sheer hyperbole — cooked up by the Tree Huggers, or the Marxists, or French Socialists, then you haven’t watched Dr. Sylvia Earle. Believe me. What she has to say will chill you to the bone. (Scroll up.)

What can WE do to make sure the lessons of the Golden Spruce are not ignored? Join us in a Campaign that centers around the conviction that Oceans Have Rights Too. And that: Only YOU can protect the Ocean! More later. Much more.

John Hibbs
Write: skipper AT bfranklin DOT edu

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